List v3 Debug Does Not Provide the Incompatible Items When Converting from List v2 to List v3



In the process of converting to List v3, the Debug icon shows there are UI actions or other items that need to be made compatible with List v3. However, after clicking the URL from the Debug window, the corresponding list is blank and shows that there are no UI actions/items that need to be fixed.


Helsinki and Later


The link to incompatible items for extended tables omits the base table from the query. For example, if the table that you are trying to make compatible is Change Request, clicking the link for incompatible items takes you to a table with a query of client=true^list_action=true^action_nameISEMPTY^tableINglobal,change_request. The Table filter in the query should be tableINglobal,change_request,task.


Users need to add the corresponding base table to their query to capture all incompatible items.

Additional Information

This was originally reported in PRB707220: List v3 Debug - on extended tables the link to incompatible items issues a query that does not include the base table. However development has made the decision not to fix this issue at this time. Please add the base table to your query to workaround this problem.