Service Portal - Unknown provider: charactersFilterProvider <- charactersFilter error message appears in the browser console



Typically seen when clicking on the Header Menu of Service Portal for menu items with Scripted List type the dropdown that should contain the list of records doesn't appear. It can be visible in every widget that uses a code similar to {{data.title | characters:60}}. The error message that appears in the browser console is the one shown in the image below:

Error message



All releases.


The link to the dependency angular-truncate is missing inside the widget that uses a code like {{data.title | characters:60}}.

Another cause that can happen is there is a incorrect relationship between the angular-truncate and the widget


The issue can be solved by adding angular-truncate to the dependency of the widget that is generating the error message.

If the code is correct, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://[INSTANCE_NAME]
  2. Filter only angular-truncate on the 'Dependancy' field.
  3. You may see a widget which has a sys_id for the Widget field.
  4. If you do, then open that dependency and place the widget which is causing the problem


If these two steps doesn't fix the issue, please create a ticket in HI with this KB Article as reference.