Show Schema Map on Tables and Columns not working for non-admins


Show Schema Map is displaying blank page for users other than admin


This is expected behavior as OOB The Schema Map functionality is allowed to users with personalize_dictionary role. You can customize it by using one of these solutions:
  1. Grant the personalize_dictionary role to the user.
    Please note that if you add this role to user, the user will have high-level privileges over the instance, and access to the Application "System Definition", it is not a role that you will want to easily assign to a user.
  2. Another solution can be to customize the script include named 'ERDProcessor' (at line 495).
    You can make it work by updating line 495
    • FROM:
      • if (!gs.hasRole('personalize_dictionary')) {
    • TO:
      • if (!gs.hasRole('personalize_dictionary') && !gs.hasRole('<role you want>'))

Additional Information

This Community thread has useful information: Schema map for Non-Admin -