When using the Knowledge Management Advanced Plugin, new versions of a KB article do not bring over the previously attached incidents.


When using the Advanced Knowledge Plugin, new versions of a KB article do not bring over the pervious version's related list of attached incidents. When a new version of a KB article is created, any already associated incidents remain attached to the old version. This also affects reporting on incident attachments per article.



Steps to Reproduce

1. Install the Knowledge Management Advanced Installer plugin.
2. Create a new KB article and publish it.
3. View the article and notice the Knowledge Use related record has a new entry.
3. Attach the article to any record that extends from the task table and notice the Attached to Task related record has a new entry.
4. Checkout the article and republish it. Observe the related task list is now empty.


This behaviour is by design.

Tasks/Incidents get linked to the article specific version using kb_knowledge.sys_id, not kb_knowledge.number, in order to have an accurate reflection of what the article content was at the time it was used, even though it has been updated/improved later.

For reporting purposes, the kb_knowledge.summary field, which is a reference to the new table Knowledge Summary, can be used dot-walking to inspect the article versions history. The fields Outdated and Latest are also relevant to determine which previous article versions have been attached to incidents.


Related Problem: PRB1257306