Cloud Management SSH key pair credentials



Cloud Management (CMP) SSH key pairs store the keys that the Cloud Management application automatically generates when users provision stack resources. This article explains the steps available on how to use this key to access your provisioned VM.


By default VM provision uses management key and user key will be infused once the VM is ready and reachable.

To verify this:
You should be able to login into the VM user key which is the key download during provisioning.
In case you don't want to use management key and wants use user key:
  1. Open your blueprint
  2. Under Virtual Server provision parameters you will see KeyPreference attribute.
  3. Set KeyPreference to user and provision a VM in this case it use userkey for both provision and infusion.
You should be able to login into the VM user key, download the key used for provision i.e key you selected on the order form.