Article title guidelines (KCS)

The KCS Article Quality Index (AQI) includes a criterion to write article titles from the customer point of view and to try to be specific.

This article provides some examples to help you write article titles that are more searchable and phrased using terms for which customers are likely to search (the symptom) rather than the underlying technical problem or diagnosis (the solution).

Article titles and section headings should be in sentence case, avoid using upper case for each word in the title.


Changes to action_body.xml break some UI action client scriptsService Portal: Catalog item of content type Module does not display records list
AMB initialization is broken since Istanbul on UI15UI15: AMB initialization causes Connect messages not to be sent
Incident Priority Lookup is not functioningChanging the impact or urgency from an incident record does not auto-set the priority
In Jakarta, the approval coordinator has new activity result == skipped but default activity condition does not include skipped. Because of this, the workflow will not move to the next activity.Workflow not moving to the next activity
Performance Analytics - Incorrect navigation between the dashboard and detailed scorecardPerformance Analytics: Pressing application back button from a scorecard does not return to the dashboard
When viewing detail on Software Usage on a CI and then going back to the list view, we receive an error: "Execute operation on script include 'SysRelatedList' from scope 'Software Asset Management Premium' was denied."List v3: Clicking the back arrow to the list view of the Software Usage table causes an error
Users can't attach files to chat conversation since read ACL on sys_attachment 0bcf23740a6a38d400c7e02590038464 fails after activating Human Resources Application: Core pluginUsers can't attach files to chat conversation after Human Resources Application: Core plugin is activated
Set the maximum number of workflow activities to avoid workflow getting canceled due to reaching the maximum number of activitiesLoop in workflow does not complete
Network is downCannot access the Internet
Cannot Access The InternetCannot access the internet (sentence case)

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