Permissions required for MID Server on Linux Host


Permissions required for MID Server on Linux Host


Although MID servers on Linux host cannot discover windows machines, some customers may still want to configure MID servers on Linux. A frequently asked question is: Do we need root account to run MID server? What permissions are required for MID server on Linux Host? 


MID server is a Java application. It can be run as any non-root user account as long as the specified user account has ownership on the MID server installation directory (with Read, Write and Execute permissions) 

The specified user account should also have ownership (Read, Write and Execute permissions) of /tmp directory as the /tmp directory will be used for MID server auto upgrade. Without permissions to /tmp directory the MID server may not auto upgrade. 

A dedicated user account is recommended for the MID server to run as. If other user accounts like Root accidentally run the MID server, some files in the MID server directory may change ownership which could cause permission issues. In this case, the resolution is to force the ownership of the MID server installation directory to the specified user account again.