List V2: Issues occur when column label has special characters (& or >)


If the label of a column has a special character like & or >, the following issues might occur:


Steps to Reproduce

If hierarchical lists do not display:

  1. Go to task_sla.list.

  2. Right-click the list header and choose Configure > Dictionary.

  3. Create a new field of any type with column label using "&" or "<", for example, Test & Test and save it.

  4. Return to task_sla.list, right-click in the list header, choose Configure > List Layout.

  5. Use the slushbucket to add the newly created column to the Selected list and save it.

  6. Go to incident.list, right-click in the list header, and choose Configure > List Control.

  7. Check the Hierarchical lists option and save it.

  8. Go to incident.list and click on the hierarchical arrow button (>) of any incident.

    Note that hierarchical lists are not displayed.

If column filters are not honored or data lookup policies are not applied correctly:

  1. Go to the Dictionary entry of Category on the Incident table.

  2. Update the label of one of the choice, for example, changing "Inquiry/Help" to "Inquiry & Help".

  3. Go to dl_u_assignment.LIST and create a new lookup definition with the category "Inquiry & Help" and update the setter field if necessary.

  4. Use a quick filter on the columns - Order, Category and Subcategory.

    Note that the list does not show any rows as soon as you apply the quick filter on the sub-category column. Note also that the Category column has been set to None in the breadcrumb.

  5. Try to create an Incident and observe that the data policy lookup policy fails when the category Inquiry & Help is chosen.



Although this issue does not occur with List V3, enabling List V3 could affect performance. Be sure to test this solution before applying it.

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