Android and iPhone apps: Updates made to Mobile and Business phone number are not instantly reflected on the user profile.


Updating the user's mobile and business phone numbers and tapping the "<" back button on the top left of the app page, the user profile view opens back not showing the changes just made.

This also applies to the first time a blank user profile is updated, with no phone numbers present yet. These are not displayed on the updated profile view once you add them.

Steps to Reproduce

1 - Login an instance mobile app
2 - Tap the "Profile" (iPhone) or bust icon on android to view the profile of the user
3 - Note the current phone numbers
4 - Tap "More details"
5 - Update the business and mobile phone numbers
6 - Tap "Save" on top right corner
7 - Tap "<" back button to go back to profile view
Observe the phone numbers are not updated to the current values, or if there were no phone numbers displayed initially they are not displayed even after adding them.
[Reproduced on:
Android v1.0.2 (21)
iPhone v 3.0.3


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The only way to update the user profile view in the current release is to either:
- "Switch Instance" and select the same instance again, or
- Log out and log back in the instance

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