IE11: Clicking on the drop-down list of a dependent field in list view does not expand it


In IE11, when attempting to list edit a dependent field in list view, the dependent field drop-down menu does not open.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open alm_asset table in list view
3. Double-click on the State field and change its value to "In Stock".
4. Try and click the drop-down list for the Substate field.

Note that the Substate drop-down list does not open.


Open the record and edit the Substate field in the form view or use a different browser to edit in list view. 

Another possible workaround:

  1. Double-click the State field to open the form.

    The State drop-down should be highlighted.

  2. If the drop-down is not highlighted, choose an option from the drop-down by either clicking it or using the up and down arrow keys to scan available options.

  3. Once you have the correct value selected, use the Tab key to change the focus to the Substate drop-down.

    When the focus is changed to the Substate drop-down, you will have to use the up and down arrow keys to make your value selection. Then, you should be able to click Save.


Related Problem: PRB1255052