Banner images: UI16 and UI15 differences worth noting for your company logo


Banner Images

The differences of UI16 and UI15 include a smaller banner height, which may impact your company logo.  When updating or changing to UI16, you may notice the following symptoms:

  • The logo is gone
  • The logo appears stretched and/or shrunk to a smaller size

There are some fundamental design updates to be aware of.  The exact details of each can be found here:  

Since the max height was updated from 50 pixels to just 20, the Company [core_company] table has 2 banner image fields, one for UI16, and one which handles UI15 and previous.  This explains our listed symptoms.  If the logo is gone, you may need to still configure the UI16 Banner Image [core_company.banner_image_light] field. 

If the logo appears smaller or stretched, the UI16 Banner Image may be using the same image provided for the Banner Image [core_company.banner_image] field.  In that case, be aware UI16 will scale the image down to its style of max height (20 pixels).  You can upload a new logo for UI16, or design accordingly so scaling will not impact the appearance of the logo.


As an additional resource, there is also an in-depth Community article which details working with UI16 banner images.