List of scorecards in Performance Analytics does not show all the OOB indicators


When logged in as an admin user with access to Performance Analytics, the list of scorecards does not show all OOB indicators. After activating a PA content pack plugin such as Change Management, the application installs all OOB component dashboards, data collection jobs, and indicators, but the Change-related indicators do not display in the list of scorecards.


The setting "Publish on Scorecards" is set to false on the indicators.


A user with pa_admin or admin role who can modify the indicators needs perform the following procedure

  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics-> Automated Indicators.
  2. Configure the list view to show the Publish on Scorecards field.
  3. Set Publish on Scorecards to true for the indicators you want to see displayed in the scorecards list.
  4. Save the change.