[TPP/Clone] cmdb partition tables not cloned over, records not displayed in cmdb_ci on the target instance


After cloning, the list views on cmdb_ci_server and cmdb_ci_service do not show the expected data.

This does not occur in all clones and can usually be resolved by requesting another clone.

Steps to Reproduce


After the clone is done, no records are displayed in the cmdb_ci table, or hardware or computer tables on the target instance.The records in the cmdb partition table do not appear to have been cloned over. The following SQL statements were used when trying to open cmdb_ci list view:

SELECT ... FROM (((((cmdb cmdb0 INNER JOIN cmdb$par1 cmdb$par10 ON cmdb0.`sys_id` = cmdb$par10.`sys_id` ) LEFT JOIN core_company core_company1 ON cmdb0.`manufacturer` = core_company1.`sys_id` ) LEFT JOIN cmn_location cmn_location2 ON cmdb0.`location` = cmn_location2.`sys_id` ) LEFT JOIN cmn_schedule cmn_schedule3 ON cmdb$par10.`maintenance_schedule` = cmn_schedule3.`sys_id` ) LEFT JOIN sys_user sys_user4 ON cmdb$par10.`u_test_computer_aa_ref` = sys_user4.`sys_id` ) WHERE cmdb0.`sys_class_path` LIKE '/!!%' ORDER BY cmdb0.`name` limit 0,20


Request another clone.

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