Accessing the Impersonate Dialog Directly


Access the Impersonate Dialog Directly from the URL


The platform allows users to impersonate other users for testing and troubleshooting. This gives the admin/tester/developer a true setting that matches the environment of what their user see and can due in the platform.
More customers configure the instance where some users can only access the Service Portal and the tradition UI16 interface is not accessible. This creates challenges for admin/tester/developer that need to quickly jump between accounts as they find no way to un-impersonate the user account they are troubleshooting and resort to closing out their browser.



  1. In the address bar, add/replace the current URI with /, this directly loads the Impersonate Dialog page.
  2. The last option is to replace the current URI in the address bar with /, sometimes it is the only option if there is a scripted redirect method in place.