Activating the Service Portal - Service Catalog v2 plugin breaks the Service Portal sc_home page replacing it with sc_landing


Activating the plugin Service Portal - Service Catalog v2 (com.glide.service-portal.service-catalog available since Kingston) breaks the existing Service Portal sc_home page, which gets remapped to the sc_landing page.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Login a Jakarta instance.

2. Go to Service Portal > Pages.

3. Filter for ID = sc_home .

4. Open the matching record.

5. Click the Try It button.

6. From the popup, select /sp?id=sc_home .

7. Notice the Carousel widget on the top, the SC Categories widget on the left and the SC Popular Items widget in the middle.

8. Upgrade the instance to Kingston Patch 1 or later.

9. After the upgrade is completed, repeat steps 2-6. Notice that the sc_home page still has the same content/widgets.

10. Activate the Service Portal - Service Catalog v2 plugin.

11. After the plugin activation is completed, repeat steps 2-6.

Notice the sc_home page no longer has its original content. Opening the page in Designer shows it is now the sc_landing page instead of the sc_home page. Any customization the customer had done to the sc_home page is lost.


This is expected behaviour for the plugin since Kingston. The workaround steps below restore the URI /sp?id=sc_home to its previous state before the Service Portal - Service Catalog v2 plugin was activated.

1. As admin, navigate to Service Portal > Pages

2. Filter for ID is sc_home

3. Open the matching record

4. Change the ID to sc_home_orig

5. Save the record

6. Click the Clone Page button

7. On the cloned page record, change the following fields:

Title: Service Catalog
ID: sc_home

8. Save the record.

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