Links from Connect Chat go to the native UI rather than Service Portal


If an ESS user in Service Portal Connect Chat clicks on a knowledge article or incident attached to the chat by the agent, the knowledge article or incident opens in a new window in the normal UI.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Service Portal < Service Portal Configuration.

  2. Click Designer and select the service portal page.

  3. Click the edit (pencil) icon on the community and make the following selections:

    • HREF / URL: $
    • Page: Set to blank
    • Bootstrap color: Default
  4. Save.
  5. Open the page incognito.

  6. Impersonate Abel Tuter

  7. Go to Service Portal <your instance>/sp

  8. Select the community

  9. Add text to the chat and submit

  10. Go back to other window and impersonate Beth Anglin

  11. Select connect support

  12. Accept the chat

  13. Click the menu (hamburger) icon (connect_actions).

  14. Create an incident and submit.

  15. Add a knowledge article to the chat by looking at list of articles, selecting a title, and dragging it to the chat window.

  16. Go back to Abel Tuter and select the incident or the knowledge article.

    Note that it opens in native UI although for an ESS user it should open in Service Portal.




Direct users to the Service Portal via Service Portal Redirect. This will work for any link so it will intercept the one from Connect and send users to the portal. This can be done by role or for users without roles.

For more information, see the Community entry 6 ways to set up your Service Portal for redirection SUCCESS!.

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