Search in Service Portal does not properly handle wildcard characters - specifically * before an expression


Typeahead search in the Service Portal when using any wildcard characters, specifically * before an expression, displays a blank page. After clicking the link, it opens the correct page.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Activate the Customer Service Portal.

  2. Navigate to the Customer Service portal.

  3. In the Search Group section, click New.

  4. Select Table - Knowledge [kb_knowledge] and click Submit.

  5. Try the Service Portal.

  6. Activate the developer tool on the browser and select the Console tab.

  7. In "How can we help?", type: *email.

    Note that the search results are blank and the following error occurs:



This issue was identified as a possible product enhancement in the new service catalog starting with the Kingston release.

Please consult the SN Community for existing workarounds implemented by other developers, i.e. "Associated Community Threads":

Related Problem: PRB949367