Linking different KB Articles in KB Articles


Knowledge Article link inside of a Knowledge article is not working correctly.


The incorrect Knowledge Article link is used. Check if the link you are using looks like this: / We don't suggest doing this as the best practice and we see issues come from this.

Another possibility is that you are linking to an older version of the article, in that case, your links will look like this: /<sys_id>. Where <sys_id> is the 32 character sys_id of the KB article record.


We recommend using the PermaLink to link to KB articles.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your KB article view
  2. Click on Copy Permalink.
    • This will copy a more shareable link that you can put into Knowledge articles.

The link looks like: https://<instance-name>

If you want to link to the Service Portal view of the KB article you can use the following example: https://<instance-name>