"Form submission canceled because the form is not connected" when submitting UI Page form


We've been assigned with an incident regarding one of our UI Pages, opened in a GlideModel dialog, and using the "dialog_buttons_ok_cancel" component.
When clicking on the "OK" button, the dialog shuts but nothing happens (the processing script is not executed).

During investigation, I saw the following:
1. When developer tools console is open and I click the "OK" button, the following warning appears: "Form submission canceled because the form is not connected".
2. I found this while googling: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42053775/getting-error-form-submission-canceled-because-the-form-is-not-connected
3. This UI Page works as expected on Chrome 55. The issue is reproduced with Chrome 56 and above. I also saw this in IE11, Firefox 33.1.
4. This only happens when the function for the "OK" button returns "true".
5. ---> Workaround: I found another UI Page that works as expected, even though "true" is returned when clicking on "OK". The difference between this and the buggy UI Page is that the following line is used in the client script: $(<some_input_name>).value. So, I've added something similar to the buggy UI Page, and it seems to do the trick (see incident for more details).

Steps to Reproduce


1. Hop into instance.
2. Go to the following page: https://<instance>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=/sa_dw_business_service.do%3Fsys_id%3Df48d9ab2db526200eea479feaf961928%26sysparm_record_target%3Dsa_dw_business_service%26sysparm_record_row%3D3%26sysparm_record_rows%3D3%26sysparm_record_list%3Dphase.status%253D1%255EORDERBYname
3. Go to the bottom of the page, where the related lists are. Click on the "Check Connectivity" button.
4. Populate with some valid IP Address, for example, and click on "OK". ---> The dialog will close, nothing will happen.
5. Open dev tools and repeat these steps. You'll see the "Form submission canceled because the form is not connected" warning.


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