'Attach to Incident' button disappears when navigating to Home through the Incident Short Description knowledge search


When you search for knowledge through the incident short description's book icon, like the one below: 


and navigate to Home in the subsequent pop up window that appears, the Attach to Incident button no longer appears.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Click the Search icon next to short description. The icon looks like a floppy disk
  2. Click the Home button in the subsequent screen
  3. Navigate to any article and open it
  4. Notice that the Attach to Incident button is not displayed


As a workaround, prevent users reaching this point by adding the Contextual Search Results to the form which displays knowledge suggestions.

To do this:

  1. Open an incident form
  2. Right click the grey header and select Configure > Form Layout
  3. Move the Contextual Search Results field from the Available column to the Selected column and move it under the Short description.
  4. Save the form

Now the search button, which looks like a floppy disk does not appear, and search results are automatically generated under the Short Description under Related Search Results with Preview and Attach buttons.

Related Problem: PRB719985