Manual approvals are skipped when included in Approval Coordinator activity


Manual approvals are skipped when included in Approval Coordinator activity and the error "Cannot read property "total" from undefined" occurs.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Apply the attached update set Catalog_jp.xml.

    For more information about how to apply an update set, see the "Load customizations from a single XML file" ection of the , see the product documentation topic Save an update set as a local XML file.

  2. Navigate to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.

  3. Go to Other Applications and click Try it.

  4. Click Order Now to generate an RITM.

  5. Open the RITM.

    "Abel Tuter" is listed as an approver.

  6. Approve the item.

    Note that Group Approval is generated as CAB Approval.

  7. Before approving, mavigate to the Group Approval tab and add a new group by clicking New.

  8. Make sure that assignment group(Hardware) and Approval(Requested) is selected.

  9. Approve the members related to CAB Approval.

    Note that the manually added group approval is set to "No Longer required". The activity throws an error "Cannot read property "total" from undefined"rather than the manually added group being set to "Requested".

    You can also see the error by going to the RITM record and clicking Workflow context > Workflow Log.



If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In field to determine whether any versions have a permanent fix.

If you are not able to upgrade, try using this workaround.

  1. Download and apply the four attached files (one script include, three activity definitions):

  2. Remove the "sys_update_xml "entries for those records so that they will receive future updates

  3. Open the system properties list by typing sys_properties.list in the left navigation pane text box.

  4. Set the system property glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update to true.

    Note – If this property is not listed in your properties list, click New and create a new system property with the following values:

    • Name: glide.manual.approval.pickup_on_update
    • Type: true|false
    • Value: true


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