Graphs of the same size are not displayed accurately in IE11


When two bar graph reports are added to a homepage, the one on the left takes up more space than the one on the right. They are not of the same size although the page layout indicates the graphs would be of the same size.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to a Homepage
  2. Click the + icon in the upper left to create new Homepage
  3. Create 3 separate bar graphs, title them test1, test2, test3
  4. Click Add Content in the upper left corner of the homepage
  5. Put one in the top drop zone, put one in the left dropzone and one in the right dropzone
  6. Navigate to homepage to view the graphs
  7. Notice the two graphs in the left and right dropzone

    Graph to the left takes up about 75 percent of the width, with the other 25 going to the right graph.


To work around this feature in IE11, please use the new responsive canvas feature. Dashboards created using the new responsive dashboard feature resize properly in IE11.

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