Mid Server Error gets geneated in Agent Log every 10 minutes. I.e (454) StatusMonitor.600 SEVERE *** ERROR *** xxxxx: xxxxx: unknown error, HostUtil.getHostname(HostUtil.java:38)


MID Agent log: unknown error, HostUtil.getHostname


 MID Server agent log throws the error:  unknown error, HostUtil.getHostname

This error isusually generated by the linux host, hosting the MID server where host entry in /etc/hosts does not exist or its IP is not able to resolve in DNS.

Below log can be seen in the Agent log and also MID server record with missing hostname in the Instance can be seen as well. see attached screenshot.


09/29/17 05:10:06 (093) Timer-27 SEVERE *** ERROR *** sdo-snow2: sdo-snow2: unknown errorjava.net.UnknownHostException: sdo-snow2: sdo-snow2: unknown error at java.net.InetAddress.getLocalHost(InetAddress.java:1505)at com.glide.util.HostUtil.getHostname(HostUtil.java:47)at com.glide.util.HostUtil.getHostname(HostUtil.java:38)


Check for hostname entry in /etc/hosts file and also check to see if IP can be resolve in DNS.

  1. Check to see if the hostname entry exists in the /etc/hosts file, for example: cat /etc/hosts
  2. Also check to see if the DNS entry exists by doing nslookup on IP

FIX: Update /etc/hosts with correct hostname/ip address. OR update DNS with correct IP/name.