Duplicate file name error occurs during update of Credentials.psm1 file synchronized by both Discovery and Orchestration


 If both Discovery and Orchestration have synchronized versions of the Credentials.psm1 file existing in different paths, any attempt by either application to update their version of the file results in a duplicate file error.

The business rule "Prevent Duplicate,Spaces & Colon in name" is intended to prevent duplicate filenames, so that synchronized MID Server script files won't overwrite each other. However, the business rule incorrectly compares the file names only and does not recognize that the two script files have different paths.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Synchronize the Credentials.psm1 file for both Discovery and Orchestration in different paths.
  2. Try to update the Credentials.psm1 for either of the applications.
  3. Note the duplicate file name error.
        For more information, see the Credentials.psm1 section in the product documentation topic MID Server PowerShell files.


Use one of the following workarounds:

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