Reports containing Variable columns cause slow-running queries and the report processing appears to be unresponsive


A report containing variables in the columns generates a database query that can take several minutes to process, making the report look unresponsive.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Crete a report with the following values:

    • Report name: Variable Report
    • Source type: Table
    • Table: Requested Item [sc_req_item]
  2. On the Available list, select Variables [+] and click the plus sign.

  3. Choose Service Category Request, and then Comments, and move them to the Selected list. Click Save.

    When you run the report, try to export to CSV, PDF, Excel. The report will show the download dialog for a long time without progress. This process will be significantly slower than the same report without variables.




Remove the variables from the report.


Related Problem: PRB1169942