Incoming approval emails with subject containing "requires your approval/rejection" get rejected


Incoming approval emails with subject containing "requires your approval/rejection" are rejected


If the subject text of an incoming email to be approved contains "requires your approval/rejection", the email inbound action for approval rejects the associated approval record.

Incoming emailSubject containsBody containsApproval result
Email 1approve approved
Email 2reject rejected
Email 3 approvedignored
Email 4 state: approveapproved
Email 5 state: rejectrejected
Email 6approve state: reject rejected 
Email 7rejectstate: approve approved 
Email 8reject approved rejected 
Email 9Approved ignored


Note: Email body has precedence to the email subject on the approval inbound action



Some approval records that you expect to be approved are rejected, for example, if the responder types "Approved" in the body of the email.


Note: Inbound emails for approval needs to have a matching watermark in the email body or subject



If a request for approval is sent and the notification contains "requires your approval/rejection" in the subject text, when the person replies, the subject containing "rejection" matches a search for "reject", which causes the approval record to be rejected.



The simplest solution is to change the outbound email notification to avoid subjects containing the words "approved" or "reject".

To fix the response email to approve the record, put "state: approve" in the body, retaining the watermark from the approval email, or replace the subject with either approve or reject (case sensitive).

Note: Adding "Approved" in the email response body is not enough. The body text needs to say "state: approve" or "state: reject" or contain either approve or reject in the subject. A watermark in the incoming email is ALWAYS required for approval records.