Performance Analytics activation guide


Welcome to the Performance Analytics activation guide!  
This guide is intended for customers who have purchased the full version of Performance Analytics and need to activate the solution on a ServiceNow instance (non-production or production). To follow this step-by-step guide, please be ready with the following items:
  • Your welcome email containing your entitlement to Performance Analytics. You should have received this email from If you have not received an email or have questions, please send an email to that address.
  • A user with the pa_admin or admin role on the ServiceNow instance where you will activate the licensed version of Performance Analytics.
  • A HI account with the rights to activate plugins on your ServiceNow instance.


Step 1: Verify that activation is needed

All ServiceNow instances are provisioned with a trial version of Performance Analytics that has configuration limitations. After you have purchased Performance Analytics, those limitations can be removed. As a Performance Analytics administrator or a ServiceNow admin, you can test to verify that those limitations still exist on your instance.

Prerequisite: admin or pas_admin role

  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Automated Indicators.

  2. Click New.

If the following screen appears, you must request plugin activation to enable the full version of Performance Analytics. Continue with Step 2 below.

Note that if a new indicator form appears instead of the screen below, Performance Analytics is already activated. You do not need to follow any of the additional steps in this document.


Step 2: Determine which plugin to activate

To activate the Performance Analytics plugin, you must complete a form on HI. To successfully complete this form, you must know the name of the plugin that needs to be activated. Perform the following steps to identify the name of the plugin to activate:

  • In your welcome email, look for the name of your entitlement after the text "In the platform, this entitles you to."
  • Using the name of your entitlement in the left column of the table below, look up the corresponding plugin name for activation in the right column. You will use the plugin name for Activation in Step 3.


    Note: These plugins can be activated by request only and do not appear in the list of plugins on your instance.



    For example, if the welcome email says you have purchased "Performance Analytics for ITOM", the corresponding plugin name for activation is "Performance Analytics Premium for IT Operations Management."

    Your entitlement name:Plugin name for activation:
    Performance Analytics PremiumPerformance Analytics – Premium (
    Performance Analytics for APM Performance Analytics Premium for APM ( 
    Performance Analytics for Cloud Control Center Performance Analytics Premium for Cloud Control Center ( 
    Performance Analytics for CSM Performance Analytics Premium for Customer Service ( 
    Performance Analytics for HR Performance Analytics Premium for Human Resource Management (
    Performance Analytics for ITBM (Helsinki/Istanbul) Performance Analytics Premium for Service Strategy ( 
    Performance Analytics for ITBM (Jakarta) Performance Analytics Premium for Business Management ( 
    Performance Analytics for ITFM Performance Analytics Premium for Financial Management ( 
    Performance Analytics for ITOM Performance Analytics Premium for IT Operations Management ( 
    Performance Analytics for Platform Runtime Performance Analytics – Premium (
    Performance Analytics for PPM Performance Analytics Premium for Project Portfolio Management ( 
    Performance Analytics for Security Performance Analytics Premium for Security Incident Response ( 
    Performance Analytics for Service Management Performance Analytics Premium for Service Management ( 
    Performance Analytics for Service Watch Performance Analytics Premium for Service Watch Insight ( 
    Performance Analytics for Software Asset Management Performance Analytics Premium for Software Asset Management ( 


     For Kingston Release Customers

    Customers on the Kingston release can self-activate the plugin without submitting a change request via HI. Please follow this link for a step by step activation guide: Get licensed Performance Analytics


    Note: For Performance Analytics for ITBM, the correct plugin to activate depends on which release of ServiceNow your instance is running. To identify the release an instance is running, log in Now Support (HI) and click Manage Instances. Your list of managed instances and the version each one is running are displayed.




Step 3: Complete the Activate Plugin Form on HI 

Use the plugin name for activation you identified in step 2 to submit a change request for plugin activation.

  1. Navigate to Service Catalog > Activate Plugin on Now Support (HI).

  2. Fill in the following fields in the Activate Plugin form, then click Submit.
    • Target Instance: The ServiceNow instance where you want to activate the Performance Analytics plugin.
    • Plugin Name: The name of the plugin to activate. You identified this plugin in Step 2.
    • Specify the date and time: When the plugin should be activated. This must be at least two business days from the current time. 
    • Reason/Comments: Add any additional information, including activating the plugin at a specified time instead of during the default batched cycles that occur twice daily.


Step 4: 

After the plugin activation change request has been completed, verify that activation occurred successfully.

Prerequisite: admin or pa_admin role

  1. On the instance where you want to verify activation, navigate to Performance Analytics > Indicators > Automated Indicators.

  2. Click New.

    A new Automated Indicator record appears. If a new record does not appear, review the steps above. If you need help, email


What now? 

Congratulations! You are now ready to continue your journey with Performance Analytics. 

Next step: Review the Performance Analytics Getting Started landing page containing detailed information about next steps.


If you have difficulties with the activation process, email We will be in touch with you shortly to help.