If two rule base conditions qualify (or becomes true) on an order guide, the catalog item is displayed twice on Service Portal.


Order Guide shows an item multiple times if both apply:

  1. Multiple Rule Base conditions have the same item
  2. Any of the Rule Base conditions evaluate true

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Open an Order Guide. In this example, use New Hire
  2. Under Rule Base, make the condition of two rule bases on the same catalog item, included item. In this example, one rule base is created for iPhone 6 where condition remote is Yes. Do the same for a second rule base for iPhone 6.
  3. When the condition is met by answering Yes to Will this be a remote employee? there are two iPhone 6 items in Service Portal


    1. In Service Catalog there is only one iPhone 6.


Either define the conditions for a given item in a single Rule Base or refer to the following notes regarding a workaround using iFrames to match the Service Catalog functionality on Service Portal.

The intent with Service Portal is to enable customers to provide modern, easy-to-use, device agnostic experiences for their end users or requestors. It is not intended to provide full feature parity between the Platform experience and the Service Portal experience. However, it is understood that you may have built out catalog item forms that are fairly complex and do not render well in the Service Portal today. Hopefully, the updates provided in the link below will help overcome some of those challenges.


If they do not, there is an update set within the link that adds 2 new fields to the sc_cat_item table using iFrames but has changes that mask the iFrame experience.

Before using the update set, please understand:



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