Turning off Live Forms (glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled) hides journal fields associated to Activity Formatter, Activities(Filtered)


If you turn off Live Forms and set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false, the comment fields associated to a form's Activity Formatter are hidden.

Steps to Reproduce


To determine if your instance is at risk, check the value of glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled and confirm it is set to true.

This property can be found using this path: /sys_properties_list.do?sysparm_query=name%3Dglide.ui16.live_forms.enabled


ServiceNow has been able to reproduce this issue with the following workflow:

  1. In UI16, navigate to Incident > Open.
  2. Confirm there are journal fields and Work Notes displayed above the Activity Formatter.
  3. Set glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled to false.
  4. Return to the incident form.
    Note that the journal fields do not display.

    If you inspect the element, the journal field is set to display: none.



Create a UI Policy for the journal fields that sets Visible to true. For more information, see the documentation topic Create a UI policy.

Related Problem: PRB1103343