FAQ for Connect Chat and Connect Support


Why is my Connect-related page blank or not loading?

Can both Connect Chat and Legacy chat be used at the same time?

How was Connect enabled on my instance?

How Do I disable the Connect Plugin?

How to limit which users can access Connect?

What are the supported browsers for Connect Support? 

How are the fields customized on Record Cards shown in the Connect window ($c.do)? (linked records/knowledge and records created from Support)

How to receive Audio notifications when someone joins the Queue?

How is the Average Wait Time calculated for a Chat Queue?

Can we hide the average wait time for a queue?

Can the Service Desk: Call plugin be integrated with Connect Support?

Can the system messages from Connect, such as when a user joins or leaves, be saved in the incident activity created from a conversation?

How does the platform determine the support conversation states?

Can the email notifications for each comment to a conversation after incident creation from Connect be limited?

Can links in Connect Support conversations point to the Service Portal?

Is there any way to only show the Agent / Users first name in Connect Support?