ServiceNow Mobile patch iOS v6.0.1 - Release Notes

ServiceNow Mobile patch - iOS v6.0.1

The ServiceNow Mobile patch iOS v6.0.1 release provides fixes for the ServiceNow mobile application.


Download the latest version

To download the ServiceNow Mobile patch iOS v6.0.1 release, visit the iOS App Store.


Fixed problems

ProblemShort descriptionDescriptionSteps to reproduce
PRB1239603Clicking map icons using the mobile app on iOS11 displays a nested UI  
  1. Log into the instance as the WM Dispatcher user using the mobile app on an iOS11 device.
  2. Under Field ServiceDispatchingMy Dispatch Map, open the Field Service Dispatch map.
  3. Click an icon representing a WM agent. You may need to give one of these users a location in their user record to see it on the map.

Expected behavior: Users should see a pop-up with information on the user. 
Actual behavior: Users see a blank page, and it appears that another UI frame is loaded within the top one.

PRB1241061SNX crashes with the "Unable to open database" exception  


Fixes included with iOS v6.0.1