Performance issues on forms with large journal entries when Live Forms is enabled


When typing in a task form with an extensive journal history of activities, it may take some seconds for text to appear in the box in Ui16 with live forms enabled. In cases of very heavy forms and large journal entries, the overall performance appears very slow, affecting typing within the journal fields, scrolling the form, loading related lists, which might also fail. 


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create an incident, add many attachments, and provide a lot of content in the Work notes and Additional comments fields for a lot of activities on the form.

  2. Try to type something in journal fields.

    Note the lag while typing.


This is expected behaviour.

Disable the glide.ui16.live_forms.enabled system property on affected instances to improve load time.

Additionally, limit the number of stream entries rendered with the glide.history.max_entries property to prevent the affected task form to become unusable.


Related Problem: PRB896419