Real time feed not updating inside the Change Live feed


When you've been invited to a live feed and your invitation is still pending (For example, you haven't Accepted or Rejected the invitation), messages you post to the live feed do not appear until you revisit the page.

Once you've accepted the invitation, this issue does not occur.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Impersonate user1
  2. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed
  3. Choose Record Feeds
  4. Open the Application Development using ServiceNow platform feed
  5. Choose the Pending members tab
  6. In the Add User or Team input box, type in Abel Tuter, and click the name of the user when it pops up. This will invite that user to the live feed.
  7. Impersonate user2
  8. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed
  9. Choose Record Feeds
  10. Choose the Pending Feeds tab
  11. Open the Application Development using ServiceNow platform feed
  12. In the Share your thoughts input box, type something in and press Post
Expected behavior:
• Very shortly after pressing post, the message appears as within the feed, right up the top, as the most recent message
Actual behaviour:
• The message you posted does not appear.
• The only way to see your message is to reload the pending feed (For example, choose Record Feeds, choose the Pending Feeds tab, and re-open the feed). Refreshing the browser also works, but using the Refresh button in the live feed header does not work.


The best workaround at this point in time is to make sure users are educated to accept the pending invitation to the live feed if they wish to get live updates after making a post. Alternatively, users can choose to re-open the feed or refresh the browser. 

Related Problem: PRB708843