Creating Dictionary/Documentation columns when database column already exists.

Issue is observed where the column is created in the database but the dictionary and documentation are missing from the instance.

In this situation it is suggested to try and recreate the column in the instance when getting an error "column name already exists"


This Article will guide you through the process to create the dictionary and documentation and link directly to the column created.

1) Logon to instance as admin (If the column is a system table login as MAINT)

2) Find Business rule  Validate Table name and Element name: /

3) Export record as XML

4) Deactivate the Business rule

5) Go to dictionary module (sys_dictionary)

6) In the filter put the below details:  (Must use the IS parameter)

table is <table_name>

column is <column_name> (this name should match the database field)

7) Run the filter

8) The list view should be empty as the column doesn't exist

9) Click 'NEW' UI Action

10) In the new form the table name and column name should be pre-populated

11) Fill in the other mandatory details with the correct information of the column already in the backend.

12) Click Submit

13) You should receive a message stating that the column name already exists, but the dictionary and documentation should be created.

14) After confirming the column is working then reactive the business rule

15) Import the XML of the business rule back over the instance to revert back to OOTB settings. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AND MUST BE DONE)