Memory leak may prevent AMB (chat, record watcher, etc) messages from being sent when session_message_queue_size reaches capacity


In Istanbul, a memory leak has been discovered that prevents the AMB session message queue from being flushed correctly.


Clarification on impact of this memory leak:

The impact of this memory leak is limited and not instance-wide. This means that, when an instance is suffering from this problem, some or all messages related to following features may not be delivered:

There is no other impact to the instance i.e. instance will continue to perform as expected for all other features. It will not slow down, or exhibit any incorrect behavior.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Normal usage of ServiceNow, which leverages AMB (Connect, record watcher, etc.) will slowly cause the issue over time.
  2. Leak may be exacerbated with heavier usage of AMB features, especially Chat.


The node(s) exceeding capacity in session_message_queue_size must be restarted.

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