Icon presence tool tip shows logged-out user


The Live form icon presence tool tip shows a logged-out user.

Steps to Reproduce


Note – This procedure uses names from demo data to make it easier to follow, but you can impersonate any three users.

  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and select an incident.

  2. Impersonate the user Beth Anglin.

  3. Open another browser, log in, and impersonate a different user, Fred Luddy.

  4. Open the same incident again.

  5. As Beth Anglin, hover the mouse cursor over the user presence icon (a circle with the user's initials or supplied picture) in the form header.

    Note the tooltip showing the name Fred Luddy.

  6. Log out as Fred Luddy.

  7. Impersonate any third user, for example, ITIL User, and open the same incident.

  8. As Beth Anglin, reload the incident form and hover the mouse cursor over the user presence icon.

    Note that although the icon appearance correctly shows the ITIL User, the tooltip shows Fred Luddy, the logged-out user.




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