No Records/Plugins in system list (Missing/Deleted)


The Plugins List View is empty, not displayed, or missing when you navigate to: System Definition>Plugins

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to
    • Note the plugins list is empty.
  2. Clear the v_plugin table cache.
    • Navigate to Scripts - Background and run the following script: GlideCacheManager.flushTable("sys_plugins");
  3. Reload the plugins list.
    • Note that the plugins can now be seen.


Option 1:

Download the attached script "AdjustReadOnlyPropsForVPlugins.js"

Run script from Scripts-Background


Option 2:

Add "v_plugin" to the default values of the following exempt properties:

Note: If the property does not exist, it can be created, but make sure to include the default values as well as "v_plugin".

Related Problem: PRB735958