Japanese currency field is exported with additional decimals


When exporting to an Excel file, the Japanese currency field is displayed with two additional decimal places. The original Japanese currency field does not have any decimal places.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Set up the Japanese currency sys_properties.
  2. Create a table with data type currecy field.
  3. Create a new record by entering the Japanese currency value, for example, Yen 900.
  4. Export the list view record to an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx).
        Note that the exported data of Japanese currency contains 2 decimal places:
    • original = Yen 900
    • exported to excel = Yen 900.00

How it looks on the excel document


  1. In Excel, select the column.
  2. Select Format cells.
  3. Set the custom format to #,##0.
    (Alternatively, export into a CSV file and then open the file in Excel.) 

Change the column format to #,##0

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