On LDAP import, "manager" users get set to inactive users if the manager DN matches their source field


When a LDAP process imports a user and associates a "manager," the system will match the first user (active or inactive) from the results returned

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure you have two different users on sys_user as follows:
    • User 1: name = test 1, source : ldap:CN=Test1,DC=TEST,DC=LOCA, active = true (checked)
    • User 2: name = test 2, source : ldap:CN=Test2,DC=TEST,DC=LOCA, active = false (unchecked)
  2. Import a LDAP User test 3, with Manager = CN=Test1,DC=TEST,DC=LOCA
  3. Transform the data using "LDAP User Import" transformation map.
  4. Note that User test 3 has manager = User test 2 set to inactive (false) instead of active (true).



There are multiple workarounds:

  1. Ensure the Source field on the sys_user table is unique or empty on your sys_user form.
  2. Ensure the Source field on the sys_user table in the inactive records is (empty) so the manager will not match.
  3. Create your own transformation script to map the manager correctly.

Related Problem: PRB875161