Email address in CC field also appears in To when an inbound email is updated in target record activity logs


An email address in the CC field also appears in the To field when an inbound email is updated in target record activity logs.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create an email message with recipients in both the To and Cc fields and send it to the instance to be processed as an incident.

  2. Process the email message by an inbound action. For example, Create Incident.

    Email after being processed

    A new record is created/updated in the target table (for example, incident) and the received email is in the activity logs.

    Note that the recipient in the Cc of the email is incorrectly also appearing in the To field.

    how it looks on the activity stream


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As a workaround, some with the right privileges can make these updates:

  1. Input "sys_email_client_template.list" in the navigator and hit enter, it should take you to some url like /
  2. Click on the "replyall-sent" record
  3. In the "Recipients" block, change the "To" field to "recipients" and the "Cc" field to "copied"
  4. Click "Update"

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