Default sys_ui_list records able to be created by non-admin user


A non-admin user is able to create several records in the sys_ui_list table that aren't associated to that user record (default). The default list change that results affects all users who don't have their own personalized list.

Steps to Reproduce

Issue not reliably reproducible because sys_ui_list entries are normally created as expected by non-admin users.


If this issue occurs, create a business rule to stop the sys_ui_list table from unwanted update or insert operations.

For example, to set the Default view list layout to be updated only by users with the admin role, the business rule should state that before update and insert on that table, the update should be cancelled if the user doesn't have the admin role.

The attached PRB647812-workaround.xml file provides an example that can be modified and imported in the affected instance. The array in line 13 should be reviewed to add/change/remove the roles that should be able to update the Default view list layout.

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