The "commit update set" dialog never completes when the update set contains deletes for tables that don't exist


For update sets that contain a delete for a table that does not exist, the update set will complete successfully but the progress worker that was doing the commit is never marked as complete and sits at 90-something percent complete. This is a non-fatal error.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Import an update set that contains a table delete for a table not in the target system.

  2. Commit the update set.

    Note that the progress worker dialog never disappears.

  3. Refresh the form.

    Note that the status is complete.

  4. Find the root sys_execution_tracker record for this operation.

    Note that the tracker is still running and one of its children for "dropping table" is marked as failed.



Close (do not cancel) the dialog window and refresh the form to see the status marked as completed.

Related Problem: PRB714572