Hidden fields on Personalize Form form display auto complete values for reference fields in Firefox


In Firefox, when the attribute ref_ac_columns_search is configured to true on the first field in focus on a given form, the auto complete is displayed on the top left side of the gsft_main frame, blocking the view of the form content.

Steps to Reproduce

On a Fuji, Geneva, or Helsinki instance using Firefox 47.0:

  1. Open a new incident form and configure the caller_id field dictionary with the following attribute: ref_ac_columns_search=true
  2. Configure the form layout so that caller_id is in the first field position on the form.
  3. Personalize the form to hide the Caller field.
  4. Open a new incident record: Incident > Create New.


Disable the form focus by setting the system property glide.ui.focus_first_element to false.

Related Problem: PRB700614