On JDBC data sources SQL with column aliases don't return any rows.

JDBC Data Sources with SQL Column Aliases Return 0 Rows 


When using a JDBC data source, if the SQL statement contains column aliases, no rows are returned.



Steps to reproduce:

Create a SQL JDBC data source
Add a SQL query with column aliases, for example: select <column> as <aliasName> from <table>
Test by loading 20 records. The query will run, but it will not return any rows.

The same query without the column alias returns data back. (select <column> from <table>).


This is due to PRB648117 - SQL Aliases do not work with JDBC Data Source imports.


Add the following property to the JDBC connection URL to enforce the old behavior:

1. Personalize the form and add the connection URL
2. Open the data source
3. Append the property to the end of the connection URL. I.e. jdbc:mysql://localhost/glide?useOldAliasMetadataBehavior=true