Translated decimal field does not convert dot to comma


The translated decimal field does not convert dot to comma as expected for any language using a comma for a decimal separator in both Eureka and Fuji.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to System Properties > System Localization.

  2. Change the currency setting to CAD and the default localization code to fr.CA for French Canadian.

  3. Add a decimal field to any form.

  4. Type 11.22 into the field.

    Note that when you leave the field, the number changes to 1 222 instead of 11,22 which would be the correct translation.


This result is expected behavior for decimal number fields: Invalid separators get removed rather than converted. For example, if your language is French Canadian then the decimal separator is the comma and therefore all non-comma characters are ignored: "11a22" and "11.22" would both be changed to "1222".

Related Problem: PRB624982