Additional Comments and Work Notes are incorrectly placed where the Filtered Activities are located


When customizing the form layout (using either Form Layout or Form Design), the Additional Comments and Work Notes fields may ignore the proposed layout and appear with the Filtered Activities instead.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an incident record.
  2. Customize the form layout by creating a form section containing only the Work Notes and Additional Comments fields.

  3. Create another form section containing Activities (filtered).

  4. Save the form layout.

  5. Return to the open incident.

  6. If the Tabbed Forms system setting is not enabled, click the gear icon to access the System Settings and under Forms, set Tabbed Forms on and close the popup.

    In the form, note that the Comments section tab is empty.

  7. Navigate to the section with the filtered activities.

    Note that the Additional Comments and Work Notes fields are located above the Activity instead of within the form section you specified in the form layout.


The Additional Comments and Work Notes fields should be placed in the same form section containing Activities (filtered)  instead of placing them in separate sections. This design works efficiently with the activity stream. In a live stream with journal fields that post in real time, the comments would disappear when submitted, which could be confusing for users.

Related Problem: PRB659701