In Internet Explorer 11, showing email details in activity formatter does not display information properly when the browser back button is used


Pressing the browser back button immediately after clicking Show Email Details in the activity formatter of an incident (or likely any records with emails and an activity formatter) the back action appears to load the "back page" in the activity formatter instead of in the main frame.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log in to an instance using Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Navigate to System logs > Email.
  3. Identify a notification associated to an incident and change the status to Sent.
  4. Navigate to the respective incident (of the notification).
  5. In the Activity Stream, find the entry by system for the Email Sent entry.
  6. Click he Show email details link.
  7. Click the browser back button.
    Note that the back action loads the "back page" in the formatter instead of the main frame.


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