Fontsize user preference throws client side error: setPreferredFontSize is not defined


After a Fuji upgrade, if a user has an old "font-size" record in sys_user_preference, then the system displays this client side error in

uncaught ReferenceError: setPreferredFontSize is not defined

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In a release prior to Fuji (in UI11) change the font size.

    Resize font size

  2. Upgrade to Fuji.
    Note the error in the navigator.


The font-size user preference is obsolete and not supported in the new user interface. To provide relief, this user preference must be deleted by following these steps:

  1. In the Navigator, type sys_user_preference.list.
  2. Filter on Name is font-size.
  3. (Optional) Back up the preference by right-clicking on the List Header > Export to XML.
  4. Select and delete all these records.

Related Problem: PRB633074