UI15 Activity Formatter Show/Hide Filter does not scroll


The UI15 Activity Formatter has a Show/Hide Filter popup that enables you to control the fields shown. For more information, see Activity Formatter in the product documentation.

If you have customized your glide.ui.incident_activity.fields property and added additional fields, the Show/Hide Filter popup does not scroll and is truncated by limits of your browser display area. The result is that you cannot change the selection for fields that appear anywhere after the popup is cut off.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to sys_properties.list.
  2. Select glide.ui.incident_activity.fields.
  3. Paste the following list of fields into the property:


  4. Click Save.
  5. Import the attached incident XML file.
  6. Navigate to the incident (INC0010249).
  7. View the incident.
  8. Scroll down to the Activity Formatter and click the Show/Hide Filter icon.
    The pop-up is not scrollable. Even though it appears to be bounded by the length of the browser window, as you scroll the underlying incident, the pop-up does not scroll; it has simply been chopped to fit. The pop-up should be scrollable so you can reach all the entries it contains.


The scroll bar is in place in the UI16 version of the Helsinki release.

As a workaround, if possible, rotate your display so it is longer vertical and size your browser window larger. Alternatively, restrict the number of fields allowed.

Related Problem: PRB633651