Using Cart Layouts in Service Catalog


Using cart layouts in Service Catalog 


This article explains how to migrate to Service Catalog cart layouts in Fuji and later releases.


Enable cart layout functionality

Cart layout functionality can be enabled from the Service Catalog properties by enabling This property enables customization of cart and check-out related widgets.

Cart layout is available starting with the Fuji release. It is enabled by default for new customers. For upgrading customers, if any cart macros are customized, then it is disabled.


Using cart layout functionality
After cart layout functionality is enabled, you can;
Configure cart layout by navigating to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Cart Layouts.
Note that item-specific cart settings (for example, Omit Price or No Quantity) do not work after enabling cart layouts. For example, an item may show quantity in cart, even after selecting the No Quantity option for that item.
If you must use item-specific settings for certain items (with the property enabled), clear the Use Cart Layouts option for those specific items. Then, item-specific settings override cart layout settings for that item defined throughout the Service Catalog.